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RST SitePro Fibreglass Tape 20m/66ft Width 13mm


The R.S.T. SitePro Fibreglass Tape features both metric and imperial or metric only measurements on a white blade. The blade is manufactured from 42 strand fibreglass which withstands high tensile stretching.

It has 3x geared high speed winding mechanism all encased within an ergonomic case. It features a folding rewind crank which sits in the middle of the tape when not being used to avoid being damaged. A metal claw at the end of the tape allows you to grip into the ground or material for easy and accurate measuring.

This R.S.T. SitePro Fibreglass Tape has the following specification:

Blade Length: 20m/66ft
Blade Width: 13mm
Accuracy: EC Class II

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